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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Jeffers, my Boy, and Technical Difficulties

The sky broadband at our student house, unreliable at the best of times, finally broke completely last week. We're trying to get it sorted; unfortunately, this makes no difference to me since my laptop's finally given up for good. It's been hopelessly crash-tastic for a long time, and my techy did the decent thing and put it out of its misery. ;)

Thank God for university computers.

So it's been a wonderful few days! My boy came down for the weekend, we went to see Pendulum, we explored Plymouth looking for a cinema (trickier than you'd think when the maps don't have a You Are Here), watched TV with my housemates, made (burned) lasagne, ate jelly and ice cream (two colours of jelly, OGM!) and went to Mutley Baptist which earned a thumbs-up from Gavin.

I'll be seeing him again this weekend... my gosh, I'm terrified. It's a beatboxing jam in Bristol. WARGH. This is the first time I'll be meeting these guys in a situation where I might be reasonably expected to actually make some sounds with my actual mouth. :S STILL, what's the worst that could happen! ...

I evicted Jeffers on Friday. I didn't want to. Michelle came upstairs and said "ANNA I think Jeffers is in the recycling, I was wondering if you could..." So I obliged, went downstairs and moved cardboard boxes around until I found him tucked inside a Fab box (remember those? David's been buying loads of them lately). I then, VERY reluctantly, took the box outside, had one last look at his tiny whiskery adorableness, and sent him running off up the road.

Which I then proceeded to feel very very guilty about for two days, until Gav told me that he'd seen a mouse in the kitchen. I saw him yesterday too, Jeffers is officially still with us. (Ok, maybe it's another mouse, but this way I don't have to picture Jeffers dying of hypothermia in a coke can.)

Anyway! Hope everyone's ok, there should be more to come soon, although how soon I don't know. Don't suppose any of you have got a computer you don't need...?


  1. Mutley Baptist?

    Do they have a church plant called "Dick Dastardly Christian Fellowship?".

    (Sorry, A, you might be too young for that joke..!)

  2. Nobody's too young for that joke - they still re-run it.
    My childhood would not have been the same if they didn't. :)

  3. Le gasp!

    "and went to Mutley Baptist"

    You'll never believe this, but I have actually stood outside that very place... My uncle is a huge Plymouth Argyle fan so he took me to see a game a while ago (pointless as I'm not a fan of football but I enjoyed it nonetheless; my voice was actually hoarse for 4 days afterwards, but I digress) at Home Park in Plymouth. We had walked for a while so we had a little rest outside of the baptist church!

    And nobody really 'makes' (or indeed burns) lasagne, they get it from Iceland *nodnod*

  4. Poor Jeffers! Why not keep him?? We have a mouse problem at the moment, and unfortunately the poisons been put out. Not my choice, but unless he's clever (bear in mind, this mouse has figured how to get onto the worktops damnit!) there will be a problem no more. :(


  5. I had been worrying about Jeffers. Thanks for the update.

  6. FBL, of course I get it ;) wacky races!!! Good times.

    Matt, there IS an iceland nearby. It's just much, much further than somerfield...

    Looking for a new laptop, then updates will (hopefully!) get considerably more regular. Love to all a'yall in the meantime.


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