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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Found this draft saved on my profile!

From my very limited experience, I get the impression that the kind of person who is anarchistic enough to write on walls, doesn't like being watched while they do it.

They are the rebels, the people willing and able to speak out against this 'Big Brother is watching you' society. I think they have a point.

But every time I get a run-up at feeling revolutionary, someone steps in and gently reminds me to "give to Caesar what is Caesar's." I've clearly missed the point somewhere. Yes, I'm meant to be alive enough to kick against society. I should have the strength to use every last shred of liberty that I have. But at the same time... if someone forces me to walk with them for one mile, I should walk two.

I still can't entirely work it out, but the Bible's point of view seems to be that I should fight for the freedoms of others while being willing to surrender my own.

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  1. We are called to speak up for the voiceless. God is BIG on justice, and defending the oppressed. Many parts of the Bible resound with the cries of the oppressed.

    The scripture about turning the other cheek and carrying packs is widely misinterpreted, or at least, people miss the broader picture. At the time, the Hebrews were oppressed by their Roman occupiers. Part of the message Jesus gave to them laid out some ways they could stand against injustice WITHOUT breaking laws or resorting to violence.

    One of these ways is turning the other cheek - i.e. forcing a Roman soldier who has slapped you to punch you. If he does this, he effectively says you are equal to him and loses face. Either way, it makes him THINK about what he's doing.

    This is what we also must do - cause people to THINK about what they are doing, starting first and foremost with OURSELVES. How can I stand up for the oppressed? How can I help people who need freedom? And how can I do this WITHIN the law?

    Similarly with the carrying of the pack - the soldier is effectively using the pack carrier as a slave, but Jesus turns this on its head. There's much more to this but I don't remember it all off the top of my head... Check out Rob Bell's "Calling all Peacemakers" series on Mars Hill church's website if you're interested, it's absolutely mind blowing.

    Jesus forces us to think, to decide, to act. For all my faults, neuroses and flaws, I cannot help but admire and love Christ.


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