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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Back from the island

So the past few days since returning from my beloved Isle have been... fairly dull, I suppose. So I won't bore you with that and will instead tell you about my weekend.

I was home on the Isle of Wight with my wonderfully odd family and my oddly wonderful boyfriend (whom I shall no longer refer to as the boy for the sake of clarity and suchlike). We went to Ventnor Botanic gardens which was amazing. It's one of the more beautiful places on the island, which is saying something; and because I've been there every year for as long as I can remember, I wanted to take Gavin there and show him all the pretty secret places we've found over time.

There was a point on the Saturday when I realised just how idyllic and chocolate-box perfect my childhood was. We were walking down an aisle, with the noises of some mans playing football in the field on the left, birds singing in the trees on the right, and church bells chiming up ahead. I miss my home.

Sunday was all about running through the woods shooting people with laser guns. Or in my case, standing in the base waiting for a rush that never came. I was SO COLD!

The following are various pretty pictures I took over the weekend:

Interesting thing of the day (you can now find all past ITOTD items on the left-hand column): Spin the black circle. Totally addictive, very clever idea.


  1. Those photos look amazing! Fantastiche. IoW Really is brill, I went for the solar eclipse years ago.

  2. I remember that! I watched from my cousins' garden through a pinhole camera.

  3. Aw you were on the island when I wasn't. *sulk* Miss you!

  4. It's been aaaaages Katie! Cuddles to you, and as always, enjoy the show!


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