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Friday, 29 February 2008

Ooo tidy!

My room is usually an utter mess. This is a huge shame as I love having a tidy room; I get all houseproud and turn on my pretty colour-changy things.

For the past few days I've been spending MUCH less time online; it's been good for me. I suddenly have heaps of spare time, hence the tidy room, the fact that I've been doing lots of reading for my course, and my thoroughly moisturised body. I've even painted my nails. Heck, I've even painted my TOEnails. I haven't taken this much care of my appearance since... last time I had this much free time.

I might go out and buy that celebratory bottle of Baileys I've been promising myself. For weeks now I've been saying "When I make some definite progress on my uni transfer, I'll treat myself." Well, today I finally managed to beat the information I needed out of the admin team! (They were lovely and helpful actually, I just wish they'd been as lovely and helpful the first seven times I asked them...) Mad props to my tutor for helping me out with that, even though she probably doesn't know what mad props are.

On a similar note, I have an interview at UWIC on Friday the 7th of March. I'm pretty confident about the interview aspect of things but I'm terrified that my grades aren't up to scratch. We'll see. That's gonna be a good weekend though; I'm staying in Cardiff Friday night (plans yet tbc but I think there's a party on the cards), going to Bristol for a beatboxing event on Saturday, staying over at a friend's house and going to his church on Sunday, then back to Cardiff until Monday morning! Most excellent!

It's especially good to have the countdown at less than a week because I've been missing my boy like CRAZY. It gets particularly bad for no apparent reason sometimes, and this is one of those times. Last night we were talking on the phone and we agreed that it felt like ages since we'd been together. Some quick mental maths put "ages" as 12 days. I mean seriously; that's not even two weeks! What's wrong with me?!

Oh right, the love thing.

Anyway, hope this finds you all well. I'm not spending ages online but I will get your comments as I'm still checking my emails... several times a day. Well nobody said I was going cold turkey!!

EDIT: Oh and I almost forgot, ITOTD: Garfield Minus Garfield. Well worth checking out!


  1. Well done for tidying up! Fancy having a go at my flat? Not much to do to be honest - a few plates to wash up, some vacuuming and dusting...

    Also: is VASTLY good news on progress of uni transfer - keep on it girl, you can do it!

    Big thanks to Liz for helping you out

  2. Bravo m'am! I really need to get round to tidying. And I will!

    I'm sure your interview will go fine, just don't panic. Remember, you can't do anything to change your grades now so there's no point in panicking, ok?

  3. You managed to spend some time away from the internet? Let us know how you managed that - I've been trying for years. Well... not really 'trying' as such, but at least considering it firmly.

    Congratulations on the Uni progress! I'm so glad it's working out for you. I'm still Motivationally Challenged, but I hope to join you in the 'People who do things' area soon.


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