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Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I am now a contributor to "A Dreamer's Dream Diary", and I've just written this post about all my mad dreams last night. please tell me what on earth they mean!

Today's been interesting, I was woken by a phone call from my boy saying that he was going hill-walking / climbing in Scotland for five days, so he might be incommunicado for that long. I'm so proud of him!

Then at 11 I went into university to see for myself if I had a lecture on today. Yes, I could have checked without getting out of bed, but I'd quite like to not get too lazy to move. I wandered around taking multiple photos of stickers (there are SO MANY stickers in Plymouth!), met up with Luke (fellow dream blogger), and came home.


  1. Tell him if he is going aroud the Knoydart to be careful. But there is a lovely lodge in Doune, about 5 miles away from the nearest village (which itself is in the middle of nowhere)
    They do lovely food at Doune lodge. Some of the best fresh food I've ever had.

  2. Thanks! But he's already left; it was literally a case of "Good morning honey, I'm going after all, probably won't be in touch for a few days."

    Thanks for stopping by Robbie :)

  3. and now its purple.... this is intriguing....

  4. im confoosed :(

    (and bored, can you tell?!)

  5. Hahah! Well spotted Jenny, I've been changing the CSS. Sadly the way it look in firebug and the way it looks in real life aren't the same!! So further experimentation is needed.

  6. Anna! I would like to point out (as a rebuttal) that Ctrl+Alt+Del don't say that nobody does crazy things cos of video games they say that the mental unstable *may* they're arguing the fact that Jack Thompson says that they all *will*...but then again I am a computer game player...maybe I'm just arguig for an excuse to kill you!!!!

  7. I don't dream.

    Should I be locked up by kind men in white coats?


  8. Not at all, FBL, some people have worse dream recall than others. I'm just coming out of a bit of a dream-dry spell now actually; I'm making an effort to remember them in the mornings!

  9. I survived the mountains!

    Yay for me!


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