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Monday, 18 February 2008

Me too!

In response to Ben's I Had a Dream post, I thought I'd ask for analysis on my own. I've been remembering them more lately so it seem worth asking for insights into my psyche!

I was in a small car with members of my family, some family friends, and my boy. Someone was holding a baby. The baby was Josie, my cousin, but tinier and younger-looking . It was all good fun, if very cramped, (my family recently downsized from the Fruenmobile, a blue 9-seater van, to a regular car) and we started singing a song we all knew from church - although I can't remember which one now. Richard, the family friend, got a bit carried away and started clapping right by Josie's head, and she was crying like crazy.

I took the baby, who was wrapped in a soft white blanket, and started rocking and bouncing her a bit, and despite everyone's skepticism about the effectiveness of this method, she quietened down almost immediately. I didn't have a clue what my boy thought of it, I remember hoping he didn't think I was broody. That was certainly realistic!

Freud thinks I want a baby as a penis substitute. Freud is an idiot. What do you intelligent and wonderful people think?


  1. It means you needs to MOVE TO CARDIFF THOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  2. I think Freud's an idiot as well.

    I love the image of a Fruen-mobile! The Challis-mobile is a large white Volvo Estate, capable of shifting a huge amount of PA equipment from home to Church every Sunday morning.


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