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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ice cream makes everything better

What a peculiar day. My seminar tutor and I had a difference of opinion. He spent ten minutes defending something that I wasn't intending to attack; pointing out that there's no point my being here unless some things are wrong and some are right. I know that. I'm no relativist. But I didn't see how that equated to me being wrong and him being right, and it would have been just wonderful if he could have explained that part.

So, I felt quite got at, zoned and, and drew cartoons on the back of the poem instead. A girl in my seminar group said how ridiculous it was for him to attack the one person who actually contributes stuff in discussions. And now I'm worried that I might a) go completely silent, b) disagree with him on everything, or c) nod and smile at everything he says until he cries or something. I bought comfort ice cream on the way home. I'm buying too much unhealthy stuff these days, I feel all fat and gross. Boooo.

That was quite rubbish. And now I'm home with an essay to finish, and that's quite rubbish too, but I'm in a much better mood than I was due to a rather odd phone call I got from Gavin. He's gone mountain-climbing with his friends (Ben Nevis apparently, well done them), and the following was a conversation between myself, Gavin, and Stu.

Hey honey!
Hi girl, how are you feeling?
Better thanks. Done emo-ing now.
Have you met Stu?
Errr don't remember...
Say hello.
Ok, hi!
Hello! I'm in my pants!
*laughs* Great. Is Gav in his pants too?
No. He's not looking.
*couldn't make this bit out but I swear I heard the word 'twitching' in there*
Ok honey I'm gonna leave you to it...
Alright sweetie. Love you, bye!

So that cheered me up, and then I went downstairs for some trashy sitcom action and more ice cream. Ah well, back to that essay...


  1. Thats not good of the tutor to do that.
    I can understand how the teachers and the like want to stir up debates to get minds thinking, but if someone doesn't have an intention to debate or preferance then they shouldn't force it.

    But dont worry, I doubt it will change your behaviour in class. A few days away from classes and you'll be back to normal.
    Hopefully it would of changed the tutors attitude though.

  2. Thanks Robbie... you're a star :) yeah I hope you're right, especially since that's my favourite module!

  3. A simple equation:

    Pants + Ben Nevis + February = Hypothermia


  4. I would love to have some Ice cream right now, but I have tooth ache, and feel it would make it worse.

    And your tutor is bang out of order there, but I've discovered that the more intelligent the tutor the stupider they are. If you understand what I mean, lol.

  5. He'd probably had a bad day...

    If he does it again, remember that guillotene choke I taught you? Well, slap that on and make him say "uncle"


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