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Thursday, 14 February 2008

V-day Disaster

I got home from university today to find that a box of twelve red roses had been delivered. It said my name on it, but I was confused - my boy had already explicitly told me that his plans had fallen through, so I wouldn't be getting anything (but, be fair, what's one day to a man who's so thoroughly sweet and romantic and caring all the time!).

For that and other reasons, it seemed a bit odd, but it was sweet regardless. So when he called me at lunchtime, I thanked him, told him they were beautiful. "What are?" he asked, but then he did the same thing last time, so I said "The roses!"

"I didn't send you any roses..."


So today has mainly been me trying to work out where the heck they came from. My boy is adamant that he didn't send them, and I believe him, even though my housemates are convinced they're from him (or my parents. Hardly likely!) I've been running through a mental list, getting ever more confused by the fact that there aren't any names on it.

Seriously! Very few people know my address, nobody but Gavin has expressed an interest in a looong time, and absolutely everybody knows that I'm madly in love with him.

Ah well. What it boils down to is that somebody's wasted their money, as they won't even get a thank you unless they give me another hint. Don't suppose my loyal readership can shed any light on the situation?


  1. Anna, you really must stop sending yourself roses. This attention-seeking behaviour is most unbecoming of a young lady.

  2. I think it was me!
    How was the boy on it? Massively jealous or ok?

  3. My official status is "not impressed". Anyone who knows Anna knows she's in a relationship so is quite frankly out of order by sending her flowers

  4. Whaddaya mean you think it was you! lol. Odd.

    Still no idea, sadly. They're very pretty though; improved over the weekend.

  5. Aargh.
    I'm confused.
    Thought boy and Gav were one and the same.
    Might now have to do a little detectoring.

  6. No, I call my boy my boy, and this other "Boy" is an imposter!!

  7. LOL

    Whilst I do grudgingly endure Anna referring to me as her boy, "boy" != me

  8. aw, boo. Didn't know you didn't like it!

  9. *giggles at recognising the logical operator*

    *groans when he realises what he called it*

    ANNA! I'm now going to be a regular on your blog if you don't mind, so no more telling people about my secret crush on the female Hoob.

  10. Oh, is that what you call != ? Jolly good. *files away to impress a techie with at some point*

    Tula? I mean, which one? I mean, what? Blarrrgh

    You are more than welcome to haunt these hallowed halls :) If you ever find out how to make my blog pretty with all CSS and stuff, please do tell me!


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