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Friday, 22 February 2008


Interesting thing I heard today.

My coursemate's mum works as a psychiatric nurse. She once encountered a high-paid, driven, successful businesswoman who had been under a bit of pressure at work. I say a bit of pressure; she'd snapped and hidden under her desk screaming "DON'T PICK ME! DON'T PICK ME!" and freaking out whenever somebody tried to touch her to get her out.

Turned out she thought she was a strawberry.

I shouldn't laugh.


  1. That's so so mean, but oh so funny!!

    Shame! How fragile are our minds?
    Crazy! *scuse the pun*

  2. I do feel bad for the poor woman, I've have given her a big cuddle had I been in a position to do so, but... there's something about thinking you're a strawberry that I just can't take seriously!!

    Thanks for stopping by blondie, always a pleasure :)

  3. Ha! that's quite funny, in an I Don't Know Her In Real Life kind of way.

    You should have given her a guitar and had a strawberry jam! Badumdumching.

  4. My mother was working in an old folks home when the news was broken that Charles and Diana were separating. One sweet, saintly old biddy snapped "we never wanted that bitch for our queen anyway!"

    Turned out she was thinking of Mrs Simpson.


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