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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Ten things

For some reason I've found it difficult to write about anything lately. I haven't seen any new films lately, or I'd attempt a lacklustre review, possibly with a few mediocre puns thrown in for good measure.

So anyway, as I said, not much in the way of inspiration happening here. I suppose this is a filler post. For my regular readers, here are ten unrelated things about me that you may not know. To those who don't know me, who are new readers, perhaps, here is my proof that I'm not just another cardboard cut-out person who sits on the bus with you.

  1. The place I dream about most often is my home church. I've had flying dreams, naked dreams, exploring dreams, even a sexy dream once, located there. I think I probably dream about it roughly once a week.

  2. My parents sent me a bear for my birthday. He arrived today and has a hot water bottle inside him, and I've named him Bode. I think the journey must have been stressful as he's shedding a fair bit - I never want to travel by envelope!

  3. Back when I used to get insomnia as a kid, I'd try sleeping the other way round, on the floor, in my wardrobe, on top of my wardrobe, in the hall... anywhere. It never worked.

  4. I want to redecorate this site to something a little less fey, but I've absolutely no idea where to get the layout. I got this one by butchering some code from one of those "OMGLOL pretty up your myspace, lyk totally hot!!!1" sites.

  5. I have maybe sort of cyberstalked before. A bit. But it was all public information. But I'm still sorry. Although I would probably do it again. Well then people should stop being so damn INTERESTING then shouldn't they! Still, we're going out now so I suppose I must have done something right! Hahahaah!! I'm not crazy!!! Hahahaah!!!!

  6. I used to get very homesick for places I'd never been. Heaven, Ankh-Morpork, a willow tree by a river. I don't any more. Any great thinker, writer, or comedian will tell you that as soon as you're happy with your life, something in your imagination goes dormant.

  7. The first pet my family ever owned died right underneath my feet. He was a cat called Chloƫ and I loved him very much. He purred for the first person to get up every day, so our parents had to ban us from getting up before 6.

  8. For years I thought someone I knew was skiving off school. He had six months off at one point just because every weekday morning he'd wake up with an indefinable headache that would disappear sometime after lunch. When he was diagnosed with depression I felt like utter shit, especially since part of me still didn't understand.

  9. My greatest fear is that I will cease to be interesting or likeable, and everyone I know will desert me, and I'll be incapable of making any new friends. Every day I wonder if this has already started happening.

  10. I could be an amazing poet. I know I could. Maybe I will be one day.
I'm not going to say it's a meme, but if any of you decide you'd like to write ten unrelated facts about yourself (and let's face it who doesn't love a bit of a vanity-wallow once in a while), drop me a comment or an email with a link - I'd love to read them.


  1. I might well do that one. I'm sure one of your points made me want to say something but I really cannot remember what.
    My blog is

  2. Oh yeah, tree by river. Got a lovely sillhouetty pic of me and Stee sat under a willow tree by a river. But I know what you mean about missing places you've never been. Hmmm... wonder what top 10 facts I can write.

  3. #5... hmm... Not to sound full of myself or anything, but that wouldn't be referencing me now would it?


    I'd be honored if you see fit to write for my blog some day soon. You've got a great talent for writing, you know.

  4. No B, I randomly stumbled on your blog from the olden days. Pffft ;)

    I do really want to write something! What kinda thing you looking for? oh hey and I can't sleep, so add me on msn or I'll keep looking up grocer's apostrophes on flickr and getting politely indignant.

  5. Oh so now Mr.G is even commenting on your blog? oooooh, someone's got a [insertgenderhere]friend! :p

    (you know I have to make your life harder - what are siblings for? :p)

  6. Anna, surely you mean grocers' apostrophes?

    Sorry, but you gave me the book, and so I blame you. If it makes you feel any better you could drop to your knees, look at the sky and scream, "what have I created?!" in an overly dramatic, filmic kind of way.

  7. Not at all Dan, Hi think hyou'll find that when referring to the hypothetical grocer, the singular would be perfectly acceptable, and the apostrophe would therefore go before the S.

    Bring it, bitch! (Apparently in the movie of my life I'm a sassy cheerleader.)

  8. Ah, you were talking about a hypothetical grocer. I thought you were seeking out apostrophes of grocers far and wide. In that case I'll let you off. Now, for the ten things you may or may not have known about me:

    1. I can dislocate my left thumb at will, after an accident involving a rowing machine.

    2. I've never been to Alton Towers.

    3. I once killed a bird when I was seven by throwing a shoe at it. I didn't expect to connect, and was left feeling quite guilty.

    4. I'm incredibly ticklish, everywhere.

    5. I haven't wet-shaved in four years.

    6. I have a soft spot for dreadful American comedies (Just Shoot Me, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc), even though I recognise that they're the worst thing ever.

    7. The second-best feeling I've ever had was Manchester United winning the Champions' League last year.

    8. I'm always surprised by how big horses are.

    9. I have an innate love of organising things (through calendars, budgets, colourful timetables, and so on), but am completely terrible at actually following them and being organised.

    10. I make incredibly poor decisions when it comes to love, but paradoxically have been told a million times that I give the best relationship advice ever.

    Well, that's a small portion of my working day gone. Without you Anna, it would still be eleven o'clock. For this, I thank you.

  9. Hahahah! What a fantastic list. I already knew about the ticklishness of course... XD I know it's evil, but it's so much fun!

    And horses are surprisingly big, aren't they. Ever ridden one? I have once, and what worried me most was that they fidget. I expected them to stay still like furniture, but they shift their weight around, it's really very disconcerting!

  10. Hey look! It's me, gracing your blog with my wonderful comments.

    #3 Interesting concept. I used to sleep walk, still do sometimes. In fact, just the other nite i pulled a bookcase on top of myself. Nice way to wake up.

    #4 - you should do a sketch or play around with photoshop and come up with a design that you'd like for your site - it's a start. Or just search for some blogger templates.

  11. I've never ridden a horse, in fact I don't really see the point in them. In my mind, transport shouldn't require dealing with faeces, and pets shouldn't require wearing a crash helmet. Horses are truly the worst of both worlds.

    Having said that, they were useful for making cowboys look cool. But any self-respecting cowboy around in this day and age would get themselves a Harley instead.

  12. Oh, and as an insomniac, sleeping in other places doesn't work. I found psychotropic drugs and computer-simulated violence to be an adequate solution (or at least help pass the dreadful hours between 5 and 7, when absolutely everyone in the world apart from you is asleep).

    Bed-wise though, don't be hemmed in by the close-minded society around you. Sleep on your bed diagonally, sleep with your feet by the headboard, sleep perpendicular to the usual direction. You'd be surprised how comfy some of the unused bits of bed are. Bed anarchy is the way forward, I promise you. A revolution is coming.

  13. Ben anarchy?! Hmmm... I like the sound of that!

  14. I've just set up a book blog. Not that I've written any posts yet, but I will be writing reviews and miscellaneous book-related thunks.


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