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Monday, 27 October 2008

Election warz!: update

I've been trying to get informed on the debate (no wait, actually information was just being poured into my head until I gave up fighting it), and while I do get confused over which party are the terrorists and which one are the communists (or are the blue guys both of those?), I am getting a bit of a picture of their supporters.

I think the whole debate has been best summed up by a fanatical McCain supporter (feel free to check out her blog, Sarah's Army, to get a feel for what kind of intellectual level she's fighting on) who wrote: "McCain believes in protecting and defending America as it is. Obama tells the world he is ashamed of America and wants to change it into something else."

Go Obama, says I.

On an unrelated note... my weekend has been pretty awesome! On Friday I stayed up till 7am watching Avatar with the guys. It was properly amazing, the basic concept of the programme is as follows: there's these four tribes: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water; and some of the people in these tribes can control their element, and they're called Benders. It follows one kid who's a bender of all four elements, and is thus the Avatar. Good for him!

The rest of the weekend was basically spent with my Gavin (he's recently written a great blog post about fair trade and our responsibility to the rest of the world - heavy stuff, but so relevant and important right now. And always.)

Anyway, I've got uni in the morning and this whole clock-going-forward shenanigans has completely thrown me off (doesn't it always! At least it was the good one) - although I'm still a bit jetlagged from Friday night / Saturday morning.

Anyways, go ahead and check out Sarah's Army; if you can make it through three posts without mentally quoting Team America: World Police, you're a better man than I.


  1. I think the main reason the clocks going forward has confused you is that they actually went back ;)

  2. Benders. That's a silly thing to call them. Why not call them "Tossers" instead?

  3. It's the Americans Gav. They don't understand the inherently hilarious properties of the word "bender". They also don't understand that being a gun-toting lunatic doesn't really qualify you to be a good Vice President, or that "aluminum" foil doesn't exist. Idiots. Everyone knows it's pronounced: "tin".

  4. I pronounce it "kitchen" myself

    Once I made a robot suit for a fancy dress party with kitchen foil over cardboard boxes. The foil sliced open my ear when I turned my head and the worst thing, the thing that REALLY grosses me out (I'm VERY squeamish) is that I .. DIDN'T .. NOTICE.

    Ever since then I get paranoid that I might be bleeding heavily and not know about it.

    Exceptions: getting punched in the face, my lips bust, nose bloodied, pressure cuts, fingernail marks from grabbling et cetera don't gross me out in the least. No idea why.

  5. "Kitchen", I'll accept.

    I was once in a car crash in an open-topped jeep. I was sat in the back and it flipped over. Way lame. I ended up with a concussion and no skin on my back, and because I was concussed and in shock, knew nothing of my grievious injuries.

    Until the doctors cleaned it that is. Then I knew all about it. Still, all's well that ends well. Didn't even get a scar out of it.

  6. I like Obama but suspect he may be too much of an idealist. I have no problem with McCain but don't trust Mrs Palin. Interesting that you think of "Barack Obama" versus "McCain and Palin." Not sure whether that's a good thing - and if not who it's bad for, but it says something.

    I second that it is called kitchen foil. Or sparkly stuff.


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