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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Reassuring thoughts on the economy

I know it's all doom and gloom at the moment, but I'd like to bring a little ray of financial optimism into your life.

Think about it like this: If the economy got into a terrible state, and we were all suddenly very poor, and prices went up, nobody would be able to buy anything. Nobody would be able to buy anything from Tesco, or from Rupert Murdoch, or from Microsoft. This is a classic case of the goose that lays the golden egg shitting itself to death, and you can bet that these huge GloboHyperMegaCorps with billions of dollars at their disposal don't want that to happen. It is in their best interests that things stay basically ok, and they've got the leverage to make sure that happens.

I do research for these posts, you know. I even looked up Forbes' list of the top 2000 companies, but it was boring.

So to summarise: Very rich and powerful companies want you to be able to buy what you need to live, and also plenty of stuff you don't need. We also want to be able to buy this stuff. Happily ever after.

Change of subject. I was thinking earlier...
Chocolate in winter doesn't melt as quickly. Somehow this gives it an entirely different feel. I'd go so far as to say that it seems to have far fewer calories than the heavy, sweet, sticky-as-sin summer chocolate. Not as nice though, especially when your face is so cold that you can't taste it properly and the momentary look of mild disappointment gets frozen onto your face and you spend the rest of the day looking slightly despondent until you find a radiator to hug.


  1. If people with money are losing it, it needs to be going somewhere, right? So it stands to reason that as someone within the depths of my overdraft, I should be getting richer. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe I'm not the great financial mind I've always considered myself to be.

    There'll be a Big Lebowski night going on Thursday, in honour of my visiting friend Sam. White Russians, the film itself, Wii Bowling.. you and Gav fancy it? All you need is a dressing gown.

  2. I AM SO THERE. Mine is purple and fluffy. Hooray!

  3. That sound THE DON!

    I can get there by 8pm the earliest

    I don't have a dressing gown, but I sleep in my clothes in the winter to make mornings hurt a little less, so I'll just smell bad and wander around bleary-eyed with unstraightened hair!

  4. I tend to sleep in my clothes if I've got into bed at a ridiculous time in the morning and have to be up again in two hours... i know that once i get up i will have to change anyway, but falling out of bed and finding myself fully dressed is certainly better than having to struggle out of a warm fluffy duvey AND warm fluffy pyjamas.

  5. Awesome. I believe the venue will be Ross's. I can't see me getting there before 8 either, as I'm moving house that day. I will therefore pass you on to Ross for details.

    Gav, while you're here (and since I can never remember your e-mail address), I hear rumours of Megadeth playing with Judas Priest in Caerdydd soon. Is it the original Megadeth line-up d'you know?

  6. On the subject of chocolate, are you as pleased as I at the return of the Wispa bar? No one else seems to even have noticed...

  7. Ohhh believe me Stephen, where I am, they've noticed! Gav's had to go on the wispa wagon because people kept getting rounds in at work. For serious.

    I'm still waiting for the return of Boost Guarana, dammit! But I appear to be on my own with that one.

  8. For a long time I thought eating a pint glass of ice cubes with a chocolate bar would completely negate the calories. It made each bite so much more fulfilling. And cancelled the post-binge thirst that so often woke me up again. Or maybe that was the huge amount of caffeine and guarana in those delicious boost bars. See! I do pay attention! And I'm very jealous of the dressing gown. My favourite winter pastime has gone out the window because of random men wandering around my house at all hours.

    Hang on, this post was about chocolate becoming dirt cheap wasn't it? Or something...

  9. Regarding Wispa chocolate bars:
    I knew that they were back...but did you know that they came back fairly recently and then disappeared again? So, this is the second time they're back (in a way).

  10. Is the Boost Guarana a special kind of Boost? Because I remember Boost Guarana, and I do see Boosts around.

  11. Yes, the packaging was GREEN and Guarana gives you ENERGY and they were YUMMY.

    I'm a one-woman cheerleading squad for those things, man. Them and Secrets. I barely remember secrets, but they were chocolaty and gooey and therefore incredibly good.


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