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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Big Al says dogs can't look up

Well, things are looking up for me! I'm feeling better, showing up at uni (if not actually enrolled yet), and turning 21 tomorrow. 21. That's properly grown-up! Fortunately that means nothing these days.

And, in addition, a bit of charity shop hunting has led to me listening to Hanson and B*Witched's albums from back in the day! AMAZING. It's even sunny and everything!

Oh, and I must remember to tell you why time flies when you're having fun. I worked it out! yeh! so remind me if I forget.

Today we have a VERY interesting thing: Fantastic Contraption! I've had so much fun with this the past couple of days. Give it a go. If a few of you are into it, I'll post up some amazing solutions!


  1. Congratulations for tomorrow. You know on Friday you'll be terribly disappointed, 21 and nobody realises that you are really grown up, and what's worse, you don't feel any different from today - still have to wash dishes and pay the bills.


  2. To be honest, I'm not expecting anything to change - I'll be scared if it does! Thanks :)

  3. B*Witched got hecks of slutty towards the end of their career - check out the photo on their wikipedia page!

    Blimey charlie!

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow and congratulations (for surviving so long.)

  5. Happy Birthday Anners!

  6. Happy Birthday.

    Oh and thanks for the link, it's helping me out with not going insane while I do my work.

  7. Wishing you a happy birthday!! Also wishing you a happy day-after-birthday! And maybe I can spare another day after that too.

    I'm oh so generous ^^

    But 21 will be a great year for you. Make the most of it x

  8. Happy Birthday deary. You're now old enough to go into 21 and over bars. Hooray. Unfortunately they're all rubbish and filled with yuppies, but it's nice not to have barriers!

    Any news on what's going on with the Glee Club? After an initial flurry of information, the well seems to have run dry on that one.

    Oh and Gav, B*Witched were not slutty! They were pure innocent angels, and butter wouldn't melt in their mouth. None of them were as fit as the chick from Hansen though ;)

  9. Hahaah you shup, I was gonna marry one of the Hanson boys!

    It's still on for tomorrow Dan, then we're coming back to mine to play on the wii. Yay!

    Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone, rest assured I'll be letting you know how it went!

  10. Ha! B*Witched, no comment. Had at look at Fantastic Contraption, reminded me a lot of The Incredible Machine (TIM) which I played a fair bit when I was younger. If you haven't heard of it, download it, it's awesome. Think I might revisit it...


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