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Thursday, 30 October 2008

The spooky season

I never celebrate Halloween, to be honest. I mean, whether you believe it's a celebration of evil or a pointless consumer holiday, there's really not much point.

That being said, I have been saving up something delightfully creepy to share with you lovelies.

A couple of years back I discovered an animator called Adam Phillips. I sincerely recommend you check out his website, there's some gorgeous animations on there... my favourite of which is Taken. Watch it with the lights off!


  1. I just caught Tom at work googling for:

    "using superglue to stick halloween to your face"


  2. What on earth...?! I hope you asked for the story behind that one!

  3. I've seen Taken - it's good, very quick (if you get what I mean).

    :O Gav! Sorry, just realised he's on Blogger as well.

  4. Halloween is soooo misunderstood :(

    so many people have chipped their little bit in over the years.... its like the Frankenstein of holidays now.

  5. You mean Frankenstein's monster? Frankenstein is also misunderstood ;)

    It's not like you can claim the original meaning has been corrupted; originally it HAD no meaning and was just the night before all saint's day.

  6. yeah.... Frankenstein's monster :P

    its roots go back much more than just being the night before all saint's day.

    its roots are in an old pagan festival... it once stood for things like end of harvest, winter closing in etc etc.

    The ghosts and ghouls aspect comes from the believe that 31st Oct was the time when the link between the realm of the dead is at its weakest and that all the people that had died that year would come over into the realm of the living and take over bodies of the living as it was the only hope of an afterlife.

    People that were worried that they would become possessed would dress up like spirits, light bonfires and generally make themselves out to look like they were already possessed or as uninviting as possible to the homeless sprites.

    possessed people where thought to lead to illness and crops failing... which makes sense as they are linked with colder weather and this time of year.

    trick or treating... that's because this time of year was the time to stock up on things ready for winter.. gather things from people around you that you might not have had success growing etc.

    It only become what it is today "just the day before all saints day" when Christianity came to Great Britain and started to convert local pagans.

    all saints day was originally in May some time. They started to struggle to convert people. Noticing that pagans still celebrated their old festivals pope gregory someone or other moved all saints day from May to November 1st to try to dilute the effects of the pagan holiday. Giving the new Christianity something to rival one of the most important events in the pagan calender.

  7. hehe, I enjoyed that very much, thanks Anna


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