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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Programmes I used to love

... and I still do, to be fair.

I'm not going to go with the obvious thing, which would be to dive through YouTube unearthing clips from 1980s children television (amazing though that would be); instead I'm going to address the programmes that had an impact on me in my teenage years.

First of all, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I am not ashamed of this. I think it was absolute quality, with enough 'normal teenage stuff' to make it relatable. For example, there was a wonderful episode in which students started disappearing, fading into invisibility, and all it took to bring them back from oblivion was some eye contact or a quick conversation. It was a wonderful metaphor; directly relevant without being overbearingly obvious.

My favourite episode would either be Hush, or the musical episode (which was truly amazing if you loved the show as much as I did / do). Hush hardly had any dialogue, which many people would argue was an improvement (these people would be wrong and silly. Silly wrong people). The sheer horror levels of that episode were at an all-time high, and The Gentlemen were unforgettably creepy.

The GentlemenThe Gentlemen

Also, eyecandy is always a winner. The series was around for long enough - six years, apparently - for my interests to phase from Xander to Spike. Even to Giles on some days. And Willow on others (no homo). Never Angel though, the big broody stump of emo that he was. He was all sad and pathetic and in love with Buffy, which held far less appeal than Spike's wannabe-rocker mojo. Of course they eventually cut Spike's balls off in an attempt to redeem him, and he turned all sad and pathetic and fell in love with Buffy. I mean dammit people.

Another programme that influenced me was Star Trek: The Next Generation, shuttup, it's awesome. And here's why. The spirit of adventure - of scientific discovery in space, and of pure indulgent fantasy in the holodeck - really caught my imagination. If I'd been any older I'm sure my imagination would have been elsewhere, no doubt musing on the contents of that secsi uniform (muscle padding, apparently. *Noise of disappointment*). So it's just as well TNG got me while I was young and innocent; I was too young to find Wesley Crusher irritating, so I just harboured confused daydreams of making friends with him and, I don't know, discussing dilithium crystals.

Wesley attractive?
Now you kinda see it...

Mmm Crusher
And now you really, really don't.
Goofy WesleyYou SO don't.

It's sad but true: if I watch something enough, I start to fantasize about having conversations with the characters. That's not insanity, it's imagination, and anyone who disagrees can take it up with Frank the 6-foot rabbit, can't they Frank.


Also, I'd like to cast an obvious yellow vote for the Simpsons. I'm pretty sure the Simpsons affected everyone in some way. They informed American and British humour for over a decade until South Park took the reins. I still hold a tremendous affection for the characters, although not to the point where I'd willingly watch them in anything for quite a while.

Homer likes donutsHe likes doughnuts LOLLLLLL

So, yes. Those are my three nominees for "Programmes I used to love." Feel free to share your special memories in the comment box. You too, Rich, don't be shy!

OH by the way, Dan, Stephen Fry, the ACTUAL Stephen Fry, is following me on Twitter. I Shit You Not. Admittedly he's got as many internet friends as MySpace Tom, but this IN NO WAY
(slightly) cheapens how awesome this is.


  1. That is positively marinaded in, fried with, and served on a bed of win. Stephen f'n Fry. Indirectly Anna, you are my hero.

    As for the TV shows. Lost. Clearly. Also How To, that was the most informative series ever.

    And that's how... for now!

  2. Did you follow him first or did he follow you?

  3. First me, then he reciprocated. Otherwise I'd be even more baffled.

  4. Also, How To was legitimately amazing!

  5. How To was legendary! I learnt sooo much (and then have QI tell me it's all wrong). Good times The theme tune to How To was good, well, I liked it when I was a kid anyway.

  6. As far as theme tunes go, no-one will ever beat Grange Hill. Not the second rockier one either, I mean the honest-to-goodness, truly synthtastic, cheesy original.

    Well, that'll be in my head all day now. Sigh.

    Also Anna! Lost trailer! Lost! Trailer! Trailer! Lost! Lost!

    I can't tell you what it almost made me do, but it was very rude.

  7. Dank, what about the A-Team, Knight Rider and Round the Twist theme tunes?
    What do you think Anna?

  8. I wanted to be a Blue Peter Presenter.

  9. "Have you ever, ever felt like this. Strange things happen. are you going 'round the twist!!!!"

    Loved that show!.. (lyrics are from memory and are more than likely not 100% right but meh)

    The Simpsons still has my heart.. i remember watching it without fail. BBC 2, 6pm. no matter HOW many times i'd seen that ep, it was still amazing. i've recently fallen back in love with it after a year or so break due to a wonderful site that you can watch any ep online for FREE!

    How to! was amazing too... got to love your 20 min dose of science-y goodness after school. gah! such a nerd.

  10. Round the twist was truly brilliant. A few key episodes stick in my memory - the Dali-esque melting clocks, the merman, the cabbage patch dolls, the boy who got pregnant by weeing against a tree... stellar stuff!

    Katie, I remember, that was your dream for years wasn't it.

  11. I remember some of those - they weren't half weird. Do you remember the one about water and the one about rubbish being attracted to you if you wore a certain ring?


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