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Friday, 30 May 2008

Thoughts, and why I'm not having any

Funny brain map
Until quite recently, I used to occasionally tag a blog post with "thoughts." These posts covered a variety of topics, including feeling sorry for myself, amateur philosophy, half-baked theology, and general silliness. It seems I haven't had a thought in two months.

That's quite shocking, really. Explains why I'm overwhelmed by feelings though.

I've been hideously emotional for the past couple of months, and i'd quite like to reclaim some sanity, clarity, and self-awareness. Please.

So, dear readers, tell me one thing about me. I'd like to know if the me you know is the same as the me I know. Or something.


  1. Anna is kind

    A much under-appreciated attribute in this world

  2. I dunno about your question, but I can say I loved the Anna I met in Cardiff a few weeks ago. You seemed as super-lovely as I've come to expect from meeting up with you. :)


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