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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

May Daze

Six days ago, I finished my essay a day early and came to Cardiff.
Five days ago, I had more social action than in nine months of living in Plymouth.
Four days ago, I climbed half a mountain and slid around giggling in the back of a van.
Three days ago, I saw Iron Man at the cinema (GO SEE IT, seriously, it's amazing), played balance games on a wii (I was pretty good, considering!) and had a kitty on my lap.
Two days ago, we had a lush and lazy bank holiday monday and didn't get up to anything very much.
One day ago, I stayed in and did houseworky type things while G went to work (by way of apology for recently accusing him of oppressing me). Then we enjoyed the last of the sunshine in a pub garden with some friends and went back to Tom's for a fantastic meal (mmm pie).

So, so far I've seen more wonderful people, had more fun, and drunk a lot more red wine than I would otherwise have done, and I'm kind of dreading the inevitable return to a harsh reality.


  1. But I miss you Anna you should be in PLymouth still!!!

  2. Did you do your WiiFit Age? I got 35 today. I'm pretty upset at that.
    Whats your favourite balance game?

  3. I didn't work out my age, there were quite a few of us so we were taking turns as guests. I did pretty well on the bubble balance one (I was the only person to finish the level) and the get-the-marbles-down-the-holes game (two marbles away from completion on my first go). So yay! Sucked at others though, so it goes :) good fun.

  4. I got 44 at Wii fit body age. I'm 27!!

    I think it's 'cos I have a high BMI (which is the most bollocks statistic of all time, BMI is an entirely worthless metric) and had had a few jars so wasn't all that steady on the old balance! Plus my Mii was female so maybe that affected it.

    I'm not sure I'm 15 stone though like it told me, that's hells of a lot, like 210lbs!!! I'm sure I don't weigh more than 180.

  5. Hey Anna!

    Nice of you to come by my blog! =) How did you chance upon it?

    I was delighted (really!) to read your blog and was indeed enjoying it! =) You seem to be a witty writer and I like your comfortable reads! =)

    YOU WATCH LOST TOO! =)))))

  6. Hahah I sure do! Welcome to the site I call home, glad you decided to check it out!

    It was a random google accident, I looked for images of "zen dog" and found an old post of yours that way. I love finding blogs like that :)

    Aww man, maybe you'll understand my pain, Lost has started again and I don't have skyyyy heeeere *cries*

  7. I have to admit, I'm quite envious, I'd like to be done with my academic year and go to Cardiff.

    And it's ok, you don't have to turn to reality if you really don't want. Just keep drinking that red wine.


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