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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Evil Genius

I have had a revelation. Evil Geniuses, your generic bad-guy-bosses, are being paid by the hour. That's why they seem so colossally stupid! That's why:
They take so long to capture the hero, and once they do
They like to explain their plan first
They put them in a prolonged and easily-escapable situation
They mess around with exposition.

Can you imagine what would happen if they were paid for results? They'd shoot the hero straight away. Films would never make it past ten minutes long, and the entire movie culture would die. This is why I have decided that they're being paid by none other than Hollywood studio executives.

Suddenly it all falls into place...

Interesting thing of the day: A set-up worthy of the Evillest of Geniuses.


  1. If they're evil geniuses (genii? I don't know what the plural is...) I'd hate to see an evil dumbass....

  2. Hey Anna -

    This is quite possibly the best thing I've seen on the net for absolutely ages! Well done for tracking it down.

    I'm enjoying your blog. Think you'll got far with the creative writing! Would you be ok with me putting a link to your blog on mine?




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