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Friday, 31 August 2007

Romance and mystery

I have a red rose and chocolates. If that's not stereotypical material love I don't know what is! I was incapable of sustaining conversation for ten minutes, and of finishing a sentence for five. It's perfect, absolutely beautiful, and easily the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me. <3

Some of you may remember that in the summer of '06 I became absolutely obsessed with an Alternate Reality Game known as the Lost Experience. Like, full-on obsessed. Even just now when my mum asked me what happened to Rachel Blake, I launched a full-on rant about how nobody knows, and Hanso is everywhere, and so forth. It blurred the lines between fiction and reality which was BRILLIANT. I was properly distraught when I found out there would be no sequel, it was completely inconclusive.


All is not lost, if you'll pardon the pun; J. J. Abrams has a new project in the works, but nobody knows what... I've diving down the rabbit hole as we speak. If I don't make it back, just know that... I love you...

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  1. Mr Abrams is producing the next Star Trek movie, but that's probably not what you're thinking of.


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