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Friday, 31 August 2007


Following the success of the iPhone and iPod, and on hearing that there may be an iCar in the works, I thought I'd brainstorm a few ideas for Apple's next project. You can thank me later, Steve.

The iBall - an eye transplant that can display your email on your eye - blink activated. Comes with thermal imaging display option. Plays music.

iKnow - brain implant with access to Google, Wikipedia, and a live news feed. Guaranteed pub quiz winner. Plays music.

iDo - a stylish white wedding ring with a small "diamond" display screen. Can be used to store important events in the calender, such as making dinner, ironing shirts, putting up shelves etc. Also available in pink and blue. Plays music.

And finally, the new iWant. Not sure what it does, but it's gonna be the next big thing and number one on every Christmas wishlist. Has lots of buttons. Plays music.

Oh, and Interesting Thing of the Day: Make your own superhero!

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