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Monday, 20 August 2007


The problem with doing lots and wanting to write about it all is that I will never, NEVER write about it all. So instead here's a brief summary.

Three weeks ago: I spent the weekend with Gav in Cardiff. It was AMAZING. See my Flickr page if you want to see photos, there's a link on the left somewhere. Had a truly wonderful time. YAY.

Two weeks ago: Had a family reunion thing, we do that every year, it was great to see everyone again. Was especially nice to talk to Sarah, who's officially starting her own salon now which is awesome, and Ran whose sense of humour is exactly like Eddie Izzard (which is a Good Thing in my book).

Last week: Soul Survivor, it was good.

This week: PAPERWORK, forms forms forms X( I HATE it...

So, I've got the updates out of the way, now with any luck I can get on with blogging slightly more frequently!


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