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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Yoinked from the void

Well, I have to say, what a calamity! Here follows the heart-rending tale of how muggins here managed to delete and, miraculously, undelete her beloved blog.

Simple technical error - I found out that I had two google accounts, and I was logged into both when I clicked the 'delete' button. System got confused, deleted my email account, and my blog of three freakin' years. HOWEVER! As you can no doubt see, I have PESTERED GOOGLE INTO SUBMISSION! They've restored everything exactly as it was. How marvellous.

Party in the comments section, and you're invited! WOOHOO!


  1. I'm so glad you got this back!!!! Whoop Whoop for you!!

    That would have been most heartbreaking for you. I'm glad you beat Google with your relentless logic until they submitted.

    You should have sent them a video clip of you sobbing into your hanky...

  2. yay my list of things to check when online is complete again! every time, i go along my favourites bar- Facebook- Hotmail- Anna's Blog- Uni Marks- iPlayer... it felt incomplete!

  3. wowowowowowoowowowowooooo!!!!! party!!!! nice to see it all back up

    *dances around* Whooooo! par-t-yyyyyy

    *falls on the floor and passes out*

  4. Jess/ 4ng3l0fd34th11/06/2008, 16:25

    *pokes John with a stick* >.>

    Yay for getting your blog baacckk! ^_^

  5. Hooray! Hello y'all.

    If anyone gets confused by the fact that I call this my zombie blog now, it's because it was dead and now is alive again. I could also have called it a Christ blog, but unlike Jesus my blog couldn't beat Godzilla in a fight.

    Kinda cool that it was missed by people of such taste and discretion :)

  6. Wow, you got Google to listen? Thats amazing!

  7. Hurrah! It's back! Parrrrtaaaay!!!!
    I'm bringing the Baileys and the cheese-and-pineapple-on-sticks.
    So, aliens on your phone? Elaborate?

  8. How about a Lazarus blog? More theologically sound, restored after much prayer, and I bet he'd be pants against Godzilla too, so that original criterion still applies.

    Anyway, welcome back!

  9. The title of this post makes me think of "Escape to the Void", which is an awesome Sepultura track, I think it's off Beneath The Remains...



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