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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Blogs for beginners

Most blogs that have been going for as long as I have develop a nifty little feature known as a blogroll. Talking to a friend of mine who's recently started her own blog (pop over to Juniper to say hello if you get the chance), I decided that it's high time I recommended a few blogs to peruse.

Little Red Boat
Written by Anna Pickard, a journalist. Amusingly written stories of her life and thoughts. She can't stand the sound of apples being eaten, and thinks that public consumption of such should be banned.

Todger Talk
Practical sex-talk. Aimed at men, but a good read for ladies too - and if you've got any questions that could benefit from a bloke's point of view, they do a slot called "something for the ladies".

Dilbert Blog
Written by Scott Adams; cartoonist, great writer, atheist, vegetarian. Expect political rantings and jaded sarcasm.

If you haven't discovered Postsecret yet, I have to assume you're confused by the fact that this box is talking to you. For those who just need reminding, Postsecret is a home for artistic secrets sent in to Frank, who is just some guy.

If you lovely lovelies could help me out and recommend your favourite blogs, I'd like to check them out too. Thanks!


  1. At least one of those may have coloured your perception of the male species with extremely broad brush strokes that don't entirely match the finely shaded hues of reality. Just sayin' ...

  2. Hahaha I assure you I don't judge all men by that particular blog; that would be rather like judging all doctors by Scrubs. Or all badgers by Wind in the Willows.

  3. if it's an entertaining blog you want,check out-
    the guy has a very individual voice.chin!chin!


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