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Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I know, I know, I'm being a very naughty little blogger and not updated as often as I should. It's just that I've found this new site...

Yes, and thus commences another mini-obsession.

But this time it's different, I promise! At the risk of sounding like an advert, Zude lets you customise your page. Nothing special? Well, I need it because I can insert my myspace page, my facebook profile, my bebo page, both my blogs, blah blah blah - I can put ALL my pages from ALL over the internet on this one site, and that is what I have done. You can check out my profile here.

It isn't even out of beta yet, I managed to find this one early, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be quite popular. I hope so, it certainly deserves to be just for the sheer variety of what you can put in there. The way it stands is that you can copy and paste pretty much any kind of code into your pages! (Yes, pages. And it's all free too.)

There's plenty of stuff it doesn't do yet, but as I said it's still in beta. The one that's really grating is the fact that it's not firefox compatible yet; I had to download internet explorer (said with much venom). I'd forgotten how much it sucks.

A few days after creating my Zude profile, a message turned up on my myspace from a guy who works for them asking for feedback, which I thought was very cool. I have officially "consolidated my web presence", as they put it.

The launch date is the 1st of May, but if you're super-excited and want to get started right away, there's still a lot you can do!


  1. ooo, you've updated it since i last checked.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I explored your Zude world and I think it Rocks! Love your sense of humor and the fact that you have managed to pull your diverse web presence into one manageable place. Did you know that you can drag the names off your pages menu to creat instant page buttons? Did you know that any object on a page can be programmed to jump to toher pages or launch programs? As soon as you get into properties and click on advanced I am confident there will be no stopping you.

    I am just delighted to see how rapidly you made it happen.. I promise you will get your Firefox in May.

    Have fun Zuding

    Jim McNiel, CEO 5g ( UberZude)

  3. i have to say i've finally decided zude is a cool site. i looked at it on a faster computer and thought wow, some of those features are cool.
    on my computer? it's just too slow to be worth it.

    peter says he's setting one up.
    looks like a cool project! :)

  4. I are the trendsettor!

    ... I can't wait to play around with my site properly tomorrow. Woo.


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