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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Shakespearian Shenanigans

I was tempted to write this post in iambic pentameter, but I thought I'd spare you that particular blessing. Lucky old you.

I just finished watching the latest episode of Doctor Who, one of my few televisual addictions, and I just wanted to (without any avoidable spoilers) let you guys know what I thought.

The iambic pentameter was well and appropriately used, which for a true-blue wannabe poet such as myself was just delicious!

And the Harry Potter references were very funny indeed. Can't wait to read book seven.

Do you guys watch it? What did you think?


  1. i caught the last 10 minutes which were pretty good. i dont generally watch it but loved the shakespeare stuff and 'good old j.k' hehe xxx

  2. well im nowhere near as technical as you, and so i say:
    twas funny.
    see, that's what 15 year olds say. none of your posh words. xxxx

  3. That's what's wrong with the English language; all those pesky words.

    Kat are good. I are friend kat.


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