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Sunday, 8 April 2007


We all love Smarties, don't we. Of course we do! Little brightly coloured pixies of sugary fun.

But that was before. Before they stole the most beautiful Smartie of them all. Even the orange-flavoured Smarties paled in significance to their vivid blue sister! But the blue has been taken. Leaving us with what?




I don't know who the bright spark was who thought of removing not only the blue but the JOY from our favourite little chocolates, but I'd like to have some serious words with them. I know they had artificial stuff in, I Don't Care. If I was that concerned about being all-natural I'd go around naked and refuse to shave my legs.

Poor Smarties. It's been all downhill since they scrapped the tubes; did they not know the minutes of fun you could have firing the lids at people?! Yes, first the Smartie-gun was laid to rest, then the blue ones, and soon they'll be sugar-free with no chocolate.

So naturally, being the armchair activist that I am, I looked for the many "Save the Blue Smartie Campaigns" that I was sure would be out there on the world wide interwebs... and what did I find? This, and only this. Shocking. Appalling. Utterly disappointing; it seems that nobody really cares.

Well, I'd like this blog post to serve as an eternal reminder: I care. I loved the Blue Smarties. I loved the bright colours, and I miss them.


  1. Hello there.
    I have just come across this site and have noticed, that arn't you a little obbsessed with smarties?
    and i must say that your blog is a bit boring i think you should spice it up a little.
    Take that in MIND.
    I hope to see it is changed in a few Days.
    I hope this comment made you feel glowy.

  2. Dear Anonymous.

    You may have a point that my blog is boring; it likely is, if you don't know me. But then I'm not writing it for you.

    As for Smarties... this is the only post on the subject of Smarties in over three years of blogging, so 'obsessed' is probably too strong a word.

    You're quite welcome to stay around, or maybe you'll find something more to your tastes elsewhere.


  3. woop im eating them at this very minute and there are loads of blue smarties which has cheered me up. when i heard the blue smarties had gone and white ones came in i was like wtf?!?! i was gona complain :P
    well at least there back.

  4. Haha they are indeed! They'll never be as good as when I was a kid, which is sort of fantastic because it means I can bore my children with that. "When I was a little girl, grass was greener, ice cream tasted better, and the blue smarties were SO DAMN BLUE!" ;)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Good day!
    I would like to be seen as anonymous as the fellow commenters.
    I would just like to say I found this looking around for smartie photos and look what I cam across.
    Who would believe it?!
    Well I read the comments and the first one makes a superb, excellent, incredible (I could go on) point and I would just like to say I agree with them completely!
    Good Day!

  6. Im the person who wrote the first comment and i would like to say YOU ARE obbsed dear,
    and the girl who wrote just beforee this comment is a wonderfull person :)
    i hope to see that the profille is less boring again,
    thanks again.
    Good day to you!

  7. Is it you?
    Is it really you?!
    Tell me it ain't so!!!
    Is it YOU?
    Anonymous from the first comment, oh my gosh!
    I am a HUGE fan!
    I love your work!
    I seen you comment on other things!
    Your words are like POETRY!
    They flow like a river into this computer and onto the page.
    Anonymous from the 5th comment down!

  8. Aww it is meee. (:
    aww i love my fans <3


  9. I love you TOO!
    Am I your number 1 fan!!
    I need to know.
    oh and btw' Anna..
    hope these comments make you feel 'glowy'

    love anonymous from comment 5 down xx

  10. Aww thankyouu.

    and yes, anna i hope theses comments are making you feel 'glowy'

    the person above me and the person who is writting this, is from cardiff :o

    x x

    from, person who wrote comment no.1

  11. Hi! I'm new here and I don't really understand anything on this thing! HeHe! But I know I LOVE smarties and I agree on everything you say Anna! You seem to be very popular. You are all from Cardiff, as am I! I do agree with these peoples comments though... Anna maybe you should 'spice up your life' as my favourite band the spice girls would say! HaHa! Well what I say is just add a tad more colour in your blogs and even a few less big hard words in your writing. You are very posh and fancy the way you write but that can be indeering. All the best, anonymous person!

  12. those are weird looking Smarties....I only know these kind

  13. I believe those are the American ones! We've got something over here that looks similar called Refreshers...

  14. I think your blog is fascinating!
    How does this one post make you obsessed...?

  15. Thanks Mattie, I didn't think I was either. But who am I to question the wisdom of an anonymous schizophrenic, eh? ;)

  16. i think your blog is so fascinative.. and good..


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