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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Dear Diary

I used to start diaries all the time; never stuck to them. It would only take a few days before I'd get bored, give it up. That is, until I was 15...

I introduced my friends to the Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire, quite possibly the funniest Lord of the Rings parody out there, and they loved it (naturally)! So a couple of us decided it would be fun to start our own Very Secret Diaries. I think our initial aim was to make it to 100 days.Well, against all the odds, I succeeded - I think everyone else had given up by then, but I was still handing my diary around and letting people laugh at me, and it felt good!

My theory is that I managed to keep it up that time because life gets truly interesting when you hit 13, and after that you practically NEED to write everything down just to keep up with it.

Over time, the diary became less funny and more honest. It became private. I would write down my thoughts in detail, and I felt good about it. I kept that up for years, no exaggeration; for over 1000 days (admittedly not every day) I was writing in this thing. I had about 5 notebooks of the stuff in a box in my room, and I had a detailed account of what I'd been doing with myself.

After a while though, I think it was in 6th form, I gave it up. I decided that this blog would replace it, and for a while that's what has happened, but if you think about it, diaries and blogs are very different. There's no getting around the fact that what I put in public will be very different to what I write in private. As my English teacher would have pointed out, it's a matter of audience - when I'm writing for you, I'll be more entertaining (I hope!) and less personal; whereas when I'm writing for myself, I can cover the topics that interest me and nobody else.

So, with that in mind, I've started writing my diary again. Good News for me, completely irrelevant for you. Just thought I'd say.

By the way, you're looking lovely today, have you done something different with your hair?


  1. haha has anyone ever told you that you’re completely crazy? (crazy in a good way and I’d imagine someone has. I might have even :P ) I was reading away thinking to myself “is this going somewhere?” then blahhhmp a whole lot of nothingness, just a comment about how you think I’ve done something new with my hair, crazy crazy person, its great. I’m going to go back into my corner now *screams “THIS IS CAKE TOWN” and walks off* >__<

  2. diary's are awesome (2.5 was so much fun to write), but they're kinda time consuming and sometimes a little lonely.
    i seem to have replaced writing my diary with talking to my friends. i pick on certain friends (like you) who will let me rant about anything, just 'cos it's important to me. so i just e-mail it to you.
    same effect, but you get a response as well. :)
    + it's cool to have such close friends.

  3. John, my dear, if I didn't know you better I'd take that as an insult.

    Wait... I don't know you better. EVIL MAN!

  4. you gotta love diaries. blogs are easier for day to day writing and ranting...especially for me who knows full well that my mum reads my blog (after asking permission) but doesnt care that i still rant and rave on it!

    but diaries are much better for the secret, more personal and emotion-filled rants when you need to feel the sense of accomplishment that only comes from scribbling 5 pages of stuff down in your diary.

    oh and i have done something different with my hair today, thankyou for noticing! i must say i love that top you're wearing...where did you get it?

  5. That was 100% insult free btw, nothing wrong with being a bit crazy that’s what makes you the wonderful person you are, sane Anna just wouldn’t be the same.

  6. And in turn I found you .. & here I am commenting to a post matching my blog title..:).. your writing is good..keep it going..


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