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Sunday, 15 April 2007

The thing with the flower

Ok, in the light of Dave's latest post, I thought I'd explain the thing with the flower. Because, as with everything I do, I have my reasons. And, as with everything I do, I forget that nobody knows what they are until I tell them.

The flower once had pride of place in my room, and it would just sit there in the glass drops looking pretty. But I entered a phase of my life when I'd come across random stories of goodness and positivity, and they inspired me.

I decided to send my flower on a little journey. I tied a little tag to it that read "You are loved! Pass this on to someone you care about." I had visions of it passing from person to person, travelling the world and showing that we were all connected by bonds of love... I was quite the little hippie!

But, as with all the best half-formed ideas, it didn't work out that way. I gave it to my brother, he gave it to our mum, and she gave it to me. I realised that the flower would most probably only travel in little circles, and gave up. (Yes, I was quite the little half-arsed hippie. Shocking.)

So, how did it find its way into Dave's hands, you must be wondering! Well I decided that if there's anything I own that sends the simple, clear message "I care about you", that was it.

Plus, it's also kinda funky.


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