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Friday, 19 January 2007

Psycho on the bus

I met a psycho on the bus yesterday. I say a psycho; he actually seemed nice, he smiled at me and he was cute and everything, but when a conversation starts with "Have you got a boyfriend?" you just know things are going to go downhill from there. I wanted to give him a chance, of course, because (as I said) he was cute and I was flattered, but things did not go well. After about five minutes, it was apparent that he was a crazy man. When he found out I'm a Christian, he said he was one too, and that everyone needs forgiving; he, for example, was being prosecuted for something, as a matter of fact he really needed to talk to his lawyer about that...

I honestly don't know where men got the idea that we women like bad boys. No. We don't want to be horribly murdered, thank you so very much; give me a lovely geek any day.

He then proceeded to tell me all about how he likes to treat women well, and how the date is always her choice... oh gods I've had that conversation before and every time it sets off alarm bells. What I'm worrying about the most is that (as he so kindly informed me) he's had his license taken away, so he'll most likely be catching the same bus next week, and I'll have to explain why I haven't called him. I do feel kind of bad about it, actually; he could just be a lovely mentally challenged person who I've completely misjudged. But still, I was a little scared.

Is that really how people find partners these days? Just pick someone you like the look of, and go as far as you can as fast as you can? That's not how I do it! I just want to get to know people. As friends. In normal, non-pressured situations. Dating as a concept really doesn't work for me, and I don't really know why people put themselves through that.

So, psycho on the bus, if you are reading this: I am not interested. Sorry. And I would have told you in person but I was afraid you might chop me up into little bits.


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