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Saturday, 20 January 2007

Party party party!

I'm knackered!

I've spent to day shopping, then bowling with some friends (while desperately trying to keep one from telling the other about his surprise birthday party tonight), then the aforementioned party, now this.

The surprise party was awesome, Austin Powers themed (yeah baby!) and a great laugh. We all dressed up, or most of us did anyway, and got our groove awn. JUSTIN TURNED UP which was LOVELY and I hadn't realised how much I missed him... if you're reading this, sweetie, I love you from the heart of my heart. But then he left, which made me sad again.

Matt, the birthday boy (he's 21 and a growed up now! ... sort of), has been hanging out with guys a lot more lately. Which is good, and meant that he was much more appreciative of the fact that I am ladyshaped than normal.

Anyway, now I'm tired, but not quite done for the night... I might post a youtube video... we'll see.


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