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Friday, 12 January 2007

Oh Em Gee, WALES!

So, I'm back from Wales. Please excuse the net-kid excitement in the title, I just felt it was necessary for some reason.

At this point I realise that "I'm back from Wales!" has no impact since you probably didn't know I'd gone. So here follows my reason for going in the first place.

It was the annual YFC staff conference! I was staying in a hotel in a Welsh castle! And again with the exclamation marks! Anyway, basically I've spent five days with the coolest people known to man. So many people don't realise this, but honestly, your average Christian is pretty darn cool. On the last night, a worship session sort of morphed into a disco - not entirely sure how - and I was truly struck with the awesomeness of the other young Christians there. Seriously, they could sing, play a million instruments each, and dance like you wouldn't believe! A couple of the guys and gals there were legendary breakdancers, and of course there were the ones who were just willing to go do it, however stupid it might have looked. Which it didn't.

So, today I had to come home. I mean, I wanted to, of course, but there's something so special about getting away from it all to focus on God that I really didn't want to let go of. And on the way home, riding in the front seat of my boss / co-worker / friend's car, I had a sudden freak-out moment. I was shouting

"ABINGDON!!! Dave, look, ABINGDON!! Can we go? Can we? Please!! Oh please, look we're ahead of time..."

Dave understood, of course, because I'd already told him about my Dave from Abingdon, but he still said no... smelly Dave. (I know. How inconvenient that they have the same name. Well you're just gonna have to put up with it, sorry.) Anyway, basically, he's cool with my 'internet friend' - I could tell because he was mocking me for it, which he wouldn't have done if he was worried. And boy did he mock me for it. Because, of course, however sensible you are and however real a relationship is, when a normal (non-internet-obsessed) person says "Anna met some guy on the internet", it sounds bad. C'est la vie.

Back to the subject! How was Wales? Windy and grey. Windy I was fine with, I find it invigorating (even though it dries out my skin like nobody's business, as if you care), but grey I wasn't. I'd started to get a tad SAD-ish by the end of the week.

Fascinating factoid (the "oid" indicating that it's something like a fact, but not): Stilton was created by Stan himself.


WHY oh WHY is the internet being so SLOW? It makes me want to cry, it really does. Well no it doesn't, but you see what I mean. WORK, DARN YOU.


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