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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ducks, rabbits, and ukuleles.

I have a new ukulele!

Yesterday was good, if a little odd. I met up with my ex for sushi, and we went for a bit of a wander around the lake. It was beautifully sunny, with a touch of fog in the distance, and I took a second to count my blessings as we ate ice-creams and laughed at the ducks wearing dog masks.

(Nightmare warning: this is why they wear dog masks.)

Back at my house, I finally introduced him to Colin the Rabbit, who had a very happy half hour wandering around the garden before utterly refusing to return to his hutch. If you've ever wanted to know what complete loss of dignity looks like, I imagine it's me running around a small paved garden after a bunny who is outwitting me at every turn.

Later on, after a brief pubwards excursion with the girls I live with, we met up with a mutual friend who mentioned he was selling a ukulele. Now, the uke I've been learning on since my birthday last year is pretty much the cheapest model you can get - a red mahalo soprano - and I've been intending for a while to upgrade if I stuck with it (which I have). So, far be it from me to pass up on such a serendipitous happenstance just because I really, really shouldn't be spending money right now. The new uke is BEAUTIFUL. I'm not sure if it's a soprano or a concert; I suspect the latter but the guy I bought it from didn't know anything about ukuleles. Like, anything at all. It was tuned wrong.

Some friends came over and we sat in the garden. I could see the stars. I love that about our garden; I didn't expect to see stars in the city like this, but there they are, whenever the sky's clear. After disappearing inside the house to play with my new instrument a couple of times, my lovely friends and housemates badgered me into performing for them, which I duly did. Long story short: I have to play at an open mic night in two weeks. Aaaaah *flail!*

I apologise for the lack of updates recently; this particular post was prompted by the lovely SufficeBlog.


  1. Pestering WIN!

    Anyway, I less than three Ukuleles (ukuleli?).
    Do you know Julia Nunes? She's excellent and a lovely person and approximately two feet tall.
    www .youtube. com/jaaaaaaa

    Her cover of Weezer's Keep Fishing is makes me smile almost as much as the video for the original!
    (perhaps due to the cock up at the start)

    Good luck with the Open Mic, I used to love going to them in Bath.

  2. I don't know if you watch How I Met Your Mother, but yesterday's ep was also all about rabbits and ducks. They decide that ducks are good and rabbits are bad, but after looking at the psycho toothy ducks I definitely don't agree! *is scared*

  3. Women who uke are hotter than those who don't.


  4. Suffice, I'm aware of Nunes; I've learned and seen her rendition of "build me up buttercup". Awesome stuff, but clearly I need to see more! I also recommend Molly Lewis, if you don't know of her. V talented ukulady.

    Jenny, hey sunshine! Good to hear from ya! I haven't seen any lately, but I do love HIMYM. Ducks are bad! How can their be any debate about that?! Just learn about their penises and it will remove all doubt.

    Paul: why thanky kind sir! Funny, the guy who sold me the ukulele said the same thing. I'd already bought it at that point so I'm not sure what he was going for!

  5. It's been three weeks now, how did it go?

    Coming here has just reminded me of your suggestion, and I'm currently listening to some Molly Lewis.
    Was initially thinking "She's quite good", but 'MyHope' is now elevating it to a mansquee level and expect it to keep rising.

    My innuendosense has made me very uncomfortable about that last sentence. ick.


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