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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Recent dreams

Some people keep a regular record of their dreams, and good on them for doing so, but a recent conversation with a friend has inspired me to try a little dream analysis.

Dream one.

In the first, I was wandering around a school / office type building, trying to get Marmalade (the ginger cat that, until recently, lived with us). I met somebody who was doing a diabolical bad-guy speech into the PA system. They were definitely evil, because they pinned down a butterfly - a big, beautiful, bright, multicoloured one - and killed it. Then somebody (me? Not from my perspective, though) split their head in half with an axe. This was not even vaguely concerning to me; as I said, they pinned down a butterfly, so... they deserved it (dream logic. I do not advocate death for butterfly killers).

Friend's interpretation of this: The butterfly represents some kind of potential within myself; something that's being stifled by an outside force.

My interpretation: Not sure the force is external. Tempted to conclude that the butterfly, the maniac and the axe wielder are all aspects of myself. If anyone's inhibiting me, it's me! Nice to think that my subconscious thinks that I have the means within myself to overcome this, though. But was the axe part a liberation? Felt more like an act of vengeance for something that's been lost.

Dream two.

A group of bad people did something bad to the giant, ugly, terrifying rabbits. Therefore, I was utterly in support of the rabbits getting revenge, and they did. However, my perspective switched and now I WAS one of the people getting drooled on by these monstrous lagomorphs. We ran, but the drool made me slip back. We ran away again, as fast as my little legs could go, terrified and not looking behind me. A man, holding a kid's hand, strolled out ahead of me, so I grabbed him to try and give me a speed boost.

My interpretation: never read this article again.


  1. That 'rabbit' has left me a little unsettled, no wonder you had that second dream. Sit in it's mouth? No thanks, that'll be the precise moment it reveals it's actually alive and I am the first of many victims in the great woollen monster rabbit rampage tragedy. Though that sounds like a great B-movie. (*calls The Asylum*)

    I remember my dreams so rarely. This sucks. Lots.
    When I do remember them they're always very vivid and usually quite filmic.
    I've got some good story ideas from them.
    Hence why I'm annoyed I so rarely remember them :(

  2. Naturally, last night I actually had a dream I remembered!
    It was action packed and featured an Island getaway, earthquakes, lava and... er, a girl with down's syndrome for some reason? Oh, and maybe a ghost.

    No giant bunnies though :'(

  3. I don't usually remember my dreams either, most weird and vivid one I had was when I was at university in the second year.

    Basically I was trying to assasinate the pope during the reformation. I was using the sniper rifle from the N64 (007 goldeneye/perfect dark).

    The reason this dream stuck in my head was that the cross hair reflected the artistic styles of the era and as such looked like something from one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks. Forgot the rest of the dream stumbled into the kitchen in search of coffee, told my housemate about the dream who just shrugged unaffected in his non-commital welsh way.

  4. I had this horrible dream where you didn't post another blog in a million billion years!

    O NOES!


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