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Sunday, 2 November 2008

In which I revisit my original method of titling posts

You know what, never mind! Sorry! The other layout was far too rough; I shouldn't have changed it until I'd reduced the eyesore factor a bit. It looks like I'll be leaving it like this unless someone comes up with something better.

On a related note, the comment form is now beneath the comments, where God intended it. Thanks Blogger for that one!

Sorry for the slight lull in activity lately; I've been unwell, which impacts my creativity (along with transforming me into a whiny 7-year-old).

/EDIT: Also, there's a poll to the left.


  1. After voting on the poll, there are scroll bars that stop me from seeing everything in that section. Glad to see the royal rainbow back again though!

    Final note, if I hit preview, and then click on my link, the page loads up somehow inside my preview, and I lose the buttons to post what I have written. But clicking back takes me back to an empty comment box, making me type it up again. Oh lawks. I'll just have to remember not to do that again :p

  2. Found the poll, like pressing buttons. Didn't comment on layout, it's your blog, it's what makes you happy. People say mine is too gadgety and unorganised; that's the way I like it, the theme is ad hoc chaos. Glad to say, most like it.


  3. I missed out on the new design, so I can't make any comment on that. However, if you have any questions about coding, ask away!


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