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Friday, 4 July 2008


Can you believe it's been three years and five days TO THE VERY DAY since I started writing this blog? Neither can I. It started as a continuation of the diary I kept and showed to my friends at school. The diary was a rough parody of Cassie Claire's Very Secret Lord of the Rings diaries, (well worth a read if you want my opinion) and was intended to amuse.

Well, I kept the diary for about 150 days before it became private, and I needed something to fill the void. I needed a way to get my thoughts and feelings out there into the Big Wide World, maybe making somebody smile along the way, and this blog was it. The title (the result of my complete inability to think of anything good) has come to mean a lot to me, as have the years of thoughts and feelings contained within.

So to honour this occasion, an anniversary that means very little to anyone but me, here are three of my favourite posts.

(Wow. Looking through my old posts has given me the shock realisation that I used to be funny. What happened to that?)

Freaky-ass fishmonsters


Bikini-related humiliation

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