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Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Internet withdrawal.

This picture (---->) is in honour of Boh3m3. If you don't know, you probably don't need to!

I made it one whole week without an internet connection. Voluntarily. Iiiii Know!

Well, y'see, I've been spending far too long online. So I took a week off to see how much spare time it frees up. Turns out, the answer is: a lot!

It was bad, though. A few times I even woke up thinking I'd failed my task, only to realise that it had been a dream... that's just a little bit tragic...

But internet addiction is more common than you might think. Just look at YouTube (which I've returned to willingly and lovingly after this heartbreaking absence). I'd say there are probably hundreds of people on there who couldn't cope without a daily fix, no exaggeration. And I'm one of them apparently, even if I do have some self-control.

It took a lot of discipline, but I made it, and I'm back and grooving.

I bought the second Scissor Sisters album the other day, Ta-Dah. I had really high expectations given how much I loved their first one, but I have to say, it has exceeded my expectations. It's awesome! Truly spectacular, these guys just keep getting better. I think my favourite track at the moment is I Can't Decide; the best in cheesy psychotic pop songs. Although Land of a Thousand Words (their latest single) is excellent too. But then, once again, so is every song on the album... oh, and Intermission is absolutely classic.

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  1. Want to hear it desperately! but don't want to buy it, now how am I going to manage that? Perhaps some kind person who reads these comments can lend it to me? x x x


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