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Sunday, 10 December 2006

Wii are the champions!

So today I was lucky to enough to play on my friend's Wii. (Ok, snigger, now let's move on.) And I have to say, I love it! For those who don't know (but by the time anyone reads this, everybody will), the Wii is Nintendo's latest gaming console and it is super-clever and most probably the forerunner of a new type of gaming console.

I got used to the Wii controller pretty quickly, because the movements are pretty intuitive. Tennis in particular was really fun to play because it just felt so natural. And the whole idea of making "Miis" (mini representatives of yourself) is genius, that was a lot of fun.

My friend, being a purebred techie, had to do it properly of course. Not for him the standard plug-it-into-the-telly setup, ohno. He had to have a projector attached to his living-room ceiling and a 70-inch white screen on the wall to play on. So I reckon I probably got the best playing experience possible. And it was gooood...

I think probably it will be improved. Like, little things like the resolution, the games available etc. But the general concept of the Wii controller will probably be adopted by Nintendo's rivals sooner rather than later... or they'll have to find another way to compete. Especially since it's affordable in comparison to the PS3. (About £350 cheaper... that's quite a bit.)

So the future is looking rather spiffy. The only complaint I do have is that it can't always tell if you're moving the controller forwards or backwards, which can be an issue in golf.

My completely non-professional opinion: 9/10, and they'll be working on the rest in no time :)


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