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Thursday, 14 December 2006

Possible burnout ahead?

This is the third time I've blogged this month, and we're only halfway in. That is ridiculous! I better slow down. I might strain a blogging muscle. I think my brain is overheating, this is absurdly prolific for me. I mean, yeah, some bloggers might post something every day. Or maybe even more than that. But you've got to find your own level, you know? And my personal level has got to be... ooh, once, twice a month. Tops. And now, to see that very comfortable plateau ROCKETING to THREE times a month... well, it's disconcerting. To say the least.

In fact, I think I'm reaching burnout. I think I may have no more thoughts in my head. Wait. If I'm thinking that, that means I must have thoughts. I think. Oh, there's another one! This is all making me very dizzy, I may have to lie down.

Actually, I'm already semi-reclined. You see, I am very slack. So now that I have my beloved laptop and a very comfortable bed, I tend to combine the two in true lazy girl style more often than is good for me. But in my defence, it makes more sense than putting it on the desk, because then it would be a desktop now wouldn't it. And that would just be darn silly.

I do have more significant thoughts than this, I promise. All deep and meaningful-like. I've just been drowning them out with thoughts of the interwebs lately. Bad Anna.

Anywhoot, I'm off to watch Lost like a moron instead of sleeping. Meh, who needs sleep, it just slows me down...

This picture was NOT meant to be blue. WHY is it blue. *grumbles* stupid blog...

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  1. She's lovely whatever colour she is. I'm just gutted I can't buy the tee-shirt


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