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Thursday, 21 December 2006

Stress, fog, G4 politics and the like.

So, work has been getting steadily more... work-like. I still really enjoy my job, don't get me wrong, but after three stress-free months, it's returned with a thud for Christmas. I mean Christmas was always bound to be mad, it is in any job. It's just that there's staff conference in january. And Andy's leaving for pastures new. And everyone's out of action having babies all over the place (a minor exaggeration, but seriously, ALL OVER THE PLACE). It's just all that, combined with the fact that they're going to expect more from me now that I'm a term in. That's all.

Today has been so foggy! All day. The streetlights made everything outside the visibility zone look like a giant orange blur, all very strange and surreal.

It was the G4 Christmas meal today. It was great seeing everyone again! I spent a fair while talking to Kerry's fiancé, Tom, about Mormonism. If my friend's going to be baptised into it, I should know what it's all about. I've done a fair bit of research, but the concepts still feel a bit alien... I've got a lot to think about... but I've decided that I'm going to her baptism.

I don't know if I ever mentioned Bruce. Our spider plant. My beloved. Tonight, the mystery of his disappearance was solved. Dan did it. He cut off Bruce's leaves and threw him in the bin, hahah what a practical joker that Dan is... turns out the "F4" thought it would be funny. The self-titled fantastic 4.

The F'ing 4 weren't the only example of G4 politics, of course, as tonight reminded me... honestly, I love them all individually, but I'm well shot of that environment. Jenny and Becky (supervised by Mike, of course) made a professionally printed G4 calender, and it's fantastic, but as Jenny pointed out, it's nice that everybody looks so happy in the photos because "you can't tell who hates who".

And that about sums it up, really.


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