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Saturday, 16 December 2006

Re-purplened hair!

Dear diary. Still on the bloody island. Today I swallowed a bug.

Well, my beloved Dominique has kindly helped my dye my hair again. It's much purpler than last time. I love it! We had a great time watching Cars and eating chocolate cake. And talking in Southern accents. And laughing about... everything. I love Dom for that, we can have a laugh about anything and everything... but we both miss Lucy very much.

Lucy went to South Africa. She isn't dead or anything.

So I'm moving back in with my parents tomorrow, just for a couple of weeks for Christmas... the festive season's kinda snuck up on me, what with not being with my family for the traditional build-up. All the things I associate with Advent haven't happened, and now suddenly I'm meant to be ready with presents all wrapped... let me tell you, I am not that organised. Wish I was.

Purple purple purple purple.


  1. "Still on the bloody island" - glad you explained to me that it's a quote from 'Lost'! Getting quite worried for a minute ...!

  2. lol mum, you know I'm an angel. There's nothing to worry about. *whistles innocently*


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