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Friday, 17 June 2011

Pretty sure I'm marrying Bruce

Guys! Guys, I just got the most AMAZING OFFER from a man who, I'm sure, is going to become a dear friend of mine. Check it out!

Dear Manager,

(Alright, admittedly I'm not a manager. But I DO come across as quite managerial in my personal and written communications, something that Bruce here clearly picked up on.)
This is Shanghai Eyescomfort Co.,ltd, specializing in making ANTIBACTERIAL, SKIDPROOF, BREATHE FREELY NOSE PADS with high quality and pretty competitive price. The latest fashion nose pads is unprecedented, such as:
Keeping eyeglasses in place,
Keeping your nose pads far away from dirt, and be clean and hygienic,
Keeping your nose skin fresh, natural, healthy.

(See? See what I mean? Ah, Bruce, you know only too well the pain and suffering that non-fresh nose skin can cause. You mean you've found a solution for this, Bruce? Oh Bruce, what was my life before you?)

Our products are all-new designed, which are more suitable compared the traditional product(PVC,silicone) for human skin. Besides, we have the patent for the nose pad. FREE SAMPLES are available.
The attachments are the pictures, please kindly have a look.
Best Regards!

Pictures? Yes! Check it out!



I don't know how he got my email address, maybe from that nose pad appreciation forum, but boy I'm glad he did. Email me again, Bruce, and soon. I miss you. I miss your touch. I miss your insights on which substances are suitable for human nose-skin.

Your loyal friend and customer,



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