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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Good news, everyone!

celebrating with expletives
I got a 2:2, which is what I expected (when I was stable enough to not be expecting failure, the disapproval of my friends and loved ones, and being put down for my own good). My mum was so excited! And my dad told me that he's been published, which is SO fantastic. My dad's pretty much the best.

Ben got the First that he SO deserves, not to mention a bajillion exciting authorial opportunities. That boy's going places, I'm telling you. B. John Shaw Liddle, keep an eye out.

Also, gay marriage is now legal in New York! Seems to be a good day all round, really. I hope you've got something to celebrate, wherever you are.

I went to a fancy dress party last night, actually wearing a fancy dress for once. It was SO fancy. I haven't uploaded the photos yet, but here is an artist's impression:

Much love to the incredible @irkafirka for that picture! Trying to remember which children's illustrator this reminds me of. It's a bit Horrible Historyish, but I don't think that's it... answers on a postcard please. Anyway, yes, I'll upload photos at some point. I've been taking a lot more lately, which is a lot of fun! They're all going up on my Flickr account, as usual, but here's a couple of recent ones I like:




  1. Time for bed, Ned! The one with the bright colours that were a bit like a nightmare. The style fits better in this situation - as a child it terrified me.

    Also, congratulations! Yay! But what on earth are you going to do now you're no longer a student?

  2. Ah, you've made it! Congrats, you graduated. Exciting times!
    If I'm working the doors for the ceremony (I'm assuming with creative writing, you're a UWIC?) I will duly clap and cheer on the off chance someone asks "Do you know her?" and I can say proudly "Well... er, I've never actually met her." and then the questioner can move nervously away from me.

    What's next for you then, now you're faced with the bleak horro - er - I mean the opportunities of the real world?


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