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Monday, 13 June 2011

Bristol: JoCo

Bristol, you are so good to me.

The first time I ever went to Bristol, I met a bunch of awesome beatboxers, and I somehow manage to go back to Cardiff (yay!) instead of Plymouth (boo) where I actually lived.
The second time, more epic beatboxing, and a hug from Hobbit (who BY THE WAY is @hobbitbeats on twitter),
The third time, I met Mr. Jonti Picking aka Weebl, and nerded all over the place for a full weekend, not to mention taking some awesome photos that I'll show you as soon as my friend uploads them (meaningful looks at Dave),

And last Thursday I finally got to see Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm performing.

Jonathan Coulton and me
Ici, la photobomb.

I'll say it again, Bristol, you are SO good to me.


  1. I like how he appears to exist in both real life and in the mirror (extreme right of the picture).

  2. That's Paul! But yes, from that angle, he does look like a spare Coulton. Also, Facebook facial recognition, I found out, thinks that all guys with beards and moustaches are the same guy.


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