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Monday, 6 June 2011

A hundred years

Today we rowed on Roath Lake. We got the hang of turning. We went around the tower twice, avoiding other vessels. We joked about pirates.

It's a big lake, lined by willow trees, but the great grey beauty was held in such a little moment - when a tiny signet, following its swan mother, shrugged and wriggled and flapped its stubby wing-nubs. I stopped rowing, wanting this moment - passing by these tiny, fluffy bird-pups - to last as long as possible.

We didn't fall in.

Then we went into Roath Park Conservatory where it was so warm that we fell asleep on a bench for a hundred years.


  1. Was this a short story or did that actually happen, kinda? OR IS IT ALREADY 2111????

  2. 'twas lovely, either way.

  3. All really happened, except I only joked about falling asleep for a hundred years. Sitting on a bench in a big greenhouse surrounded by tropical plants and the sound of trickling water, it really did seem a bit magical. Also there were koi carp and terrapins. It was very lovely.

  4. What year is it? (Yesterday I was in 2046, the day before was 1804, last week was 1932.)


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