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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No spoilers: LOST

There will be reviews of the finale springing up all over the internet in the coming days. They will range from "It was AWFUL" to "it was AWESOME," but that's not what I want to cover here. I want to talk about the part it's played in my life.

One of the main reasons I'm sorry to see Lost go is that it has served as a very effective, if transparent, excuse for hanging out with people I like for many years now. My family got me into it, having decided after the first three episodes that they liked it. I'm sure that, for them, the novelty wore off several seasons ago; and perhaps I'd have lost interest too, if it weren't for Stephen.

Stephen Wills is my honorary big brother. I've known him for my whole life, and craved his approval for about as long; in fact I'd say he was pretty instrumental in inspiring my lifelong love of geeks. I knew him when he was a blond-haired little boy playing with marbles, when he discovered Sonic the Hedgehog, when he was learning to drum and getting girlfriends... I'm a couple of years younger than him, so there was quite a while when we didn't really talk, but then we found out we had Lost in common. For a couple of seasons, my brother and sister and I would go to his flat to watch it with him. Then when he moved back to Newport, and I started doing my gap year work there, I'd watch it alone with him (and believe me, if I'd known how to hit on guys when I was 19, I would have done).

I grew up and moved away, although possibly not in that order; first to Plymouth, where I was alone, and then to Cardiff. In Cardiff I met Dan X. I picked up more or less where I'd left off with Stephen; going round to see him on a weekly basis and watching the latest episode. That's continued, sometimes with more people and sometimes not, right up until tonight. It's one of the things that helped me get to know a few people in Cardiff, so I guess it's one of the reasons this feels like home now.

This obsession has fuelled many discussions with my friends, ranging from vapid soap-opera style drama conversations through to philosophy and metaphysics. I'm helping to indoctrinate my friend Ben into the world of Lost, through which he's getting to know Dan as well. It's good to know that it's still doing that.

So I suppose it's time I found something new to obsess over. Any suggestions?


  1. Glee! Or do you already obsess over that?


    Yes. For reasons I don't fully understand, I unironically love Glee. ;)

  3. Too many good shows have finished! I'm not sure what to recommend, so if you find something good, I need to know about it!
    I didn't get communal Lost-watching, but did enjoy big discussions about it, but as the show lost (ho-ho-ho) its way I had fewer people to talk about it with.
    I never gave up on it, but grew tired of "So is Locke a bad-ass or a wussbag now?" - even though for a while the answer changed from episode to episode...

    I love suddenly discovering that connection with someone - even if you've known them a while - where something as seemingly minor as a TV show can cause an excited chat that lasts for ages... when you were supposed to be working... I'm sure the customers didn't notice.

    There really has to be something worth watching coming out soon, though? I can't survive on Glee alone.

    Oh, uh, I'm Phill by the way, I'm liking the bloggage.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Phill! No, I can't survive on Glee alone either, particularly as it's approaching the end of season 1 now...

    It does make for a great conversation, doesn't it! That's the one and only reason why I occasionally indulge in a spot of bandwagon-jumping.


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