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Monday, 10 May 2010

Who am I and what have I done with me?

I have a rad dress!

My boyfriend, Gavin, had been keeping a secret from me for weeks. He insisted that I keep last Saturday free, and it wasn't until the morning that he told me why: he was paying for me to go on a shopping trip! His sister-in-law, Leonie, is an awesome lady and she was my style guru for the day. I got lots of lovely things, but I was most excited about the dress. Here is a picture of it on someone who isn't me:

It looks better on me. Sorry for the tiny pictures, these are literally the only pictures of it online as far as I can tell! I guess it's new. Makes sense, one of the girls who works at River Island asked me how it looked on. So: yay! Rad new dress!

I'm now looking for shoes to go with it (sorry guys, I'll talk about something a bit less fashion-based next time), and I'm getting hugely excited by a range Leonie introduced me to called Irregular Choice. They're very unusual. Some of them are just plain bizarre, but I am getting unfamiliar twinges of shoe-lust for some of their designs. Looky:
The best kind of weird, in my opinion. I know some of you may be thinking "Wow, she says how much she hates fashion disasters, and then says she likes these?" in which case I would formulate my reply thusly: LOOK! Look at the pretties!

So anyway I'm just going to hold my head in a bucket of ice water until I clearly see what I've become.

Ooh, I nearly forgot. Links.
River Island
Irregular Choice


  1. I dont care what anyone says, every girl has a fashion crazed monster within her, even when it comes to crazy (crazy cute!) shoes like those! Love!

  2. the girl looks skinny, hope you got your size :)

  3. Irregular Choice shoes are brilliant!! Love them although they can be a tad painful but that is the price you have to pay for prettiness.

  4. That dress is beautiful! I like the shoes too, but find myself slightly put off by the thought of me walking in them - or rather, falling off them. You know what I'm like. I'm just about safe in sneakers.

  5. (Can't believe I called them "sneakers" instead of "trainers," but somehow the word seems to suit my current favourite pair better...)

  6. Hahah. Yeah, I know what you mean, I've never found a pair of heels that liked me! Or maybe it's just that I've got treasonous ankles.


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