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Saturday, 5 June 2010

The peasants are revolting!

Today, in Cardiff, there is an awful lot of protesting going on. The Welsh Defense League are protesting against Muslims, and Unite Against Fascism are protesting against the WDL. Taxi drivers are considering striking over the whole situation, possibly because they feel left out.

I was sat in the park reading my book, and I phoned my friend Ben to see if he was free. He wasn't. He was at "Well, sort of a riot I suppose" - said in the surprised tones of one who never expected to find himself at a riot, today of all days. I was not surprised. Ben has Political Opinions, and isn't afraid of voicing them. "The Nazis are in town," he continued, "and we don't like them." Well, quite.

I wished him luck, and went back to reading my book. Not because I don't care, you understand; I do, very much. In fact that's precisely why I wasn't there. You see, while other protesters may feel free to shout and throw things, I wouldn't. I'd be very quiet and polite about it all. In many ways, I concluded, that would be worse than not showing up at all. So I didn't.

So instead, I'm going to read up on the history of the two groups, go through the news coverage of the event, and formulate an opinion. One silly little opinion among thousands, of course, but mine nevertheless. I already know where I stand on the big issues (hint: racism is bad, mmkay?) but it doesn't hurt to do your research.

I love that Cardiff is full of people who care about these things. In fact, for the past couple of months the political graffiti artists have been out in force. Rather than the usual type of graf that gets hidden away in alleys and corners, this stuff is springing up alongside main roads; usually stencilled (quick and neat) or scrawled (angry red pen). Some of it's been up for a couple of months, but I've only just got around to sharing them, because... uh... I'm quite crap.

Tories tell stories
Loads of these are around; they were pre-election.

Let hope rage
Also a few months old, quite poetic

Brand new, and accompanied by lots of anger and swearing. Worthy of inclusion for referencing 1984, which I only read the other week.

Don't $ell
Similar style to "let hope rage", but different lettering.

Concrete monsters
Referring to the shops? The city?

Love everyone
Ending on a positive note. I know this graffiti artist has been in Cardiff for some time, but I can't quite place his characters.


  1. A well considered post. I think I understand your response. Mine would be similar; because few issues are really so polarized that one side has a monopoly of truth or correct thinking. Yes, even in this case.

  2. I love the 'Tories tell stories' one because it's so easy to misunderstand. I saw it and thought, well gosh I really like stories. So I voted for 'em :)

  3. Haha yes! The only reason I don't like that stencil is that it implies stories are bad. Tories doesn't rhyme with 'lies', though, so... what can ya do.

  4. People will tell you that "Tory" is short for "story-tellers"... or liars. But it's not true! A Tory was an Irish cattle thief. Honest!


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