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Monday, 14 June 2010

Life is a mystery, everyone

Not sure what to say, really. That's never a good sign with me. Usually I either have something to say, or simply go without blogging for a few weeks, but these are special circumstances.

I'm feeling pretty down lately, for numerous and complicated reasons. If you're of a praying persuasion, I suppose you could pray for me? although I'm in two minds as to whether that actually works

Nothing is ever simple, is it.

Hope you're all well, I promise to think of something interesting to say once the blues have passed.


  1. Praying right now. Specifically, I'm asking God to show you something new and wonderful and surprising. And that you'd see how precious you are in His eyes.

    God bless you Anna!

  2. Ack. Hope the blues clear soon. I know them well, just kind of wading through them myself at the moment.

    You'll get there!

  3. Oh noes!
    The blues are rubbish! Unless you mean B.B. King, but otherwise booo! Especially if it's stopping you from writing more top bloggage. Where are these blues, I'm gonna have a word *cracks knuckles*.
    I still recommend - even if you've seen them - a short burst of and youtubing "charlie the unicorn"
    Feel better, annaface

  4. I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling down. Nothing seems good or worthwhile in that state of mind. I could try to cheer you up but I honestly believe that feeling low is a communication of sorts that needs to be listened to rather than avoided. You seem to know what's causing it, so I ask you, what's missing in your life, what do you feel you need but aren't getting?

    As for praying, yeah it works. I'll pray for you :)

    In the meanwhile, all the very best and I hope you get what you need.

  5. Well, I'm sorry about how you're feeling right now, but here's something that might just help you feel a little better:

    I read Cory Doctrow's 'Little Brother', and I really, really, liked it.

    I had downloaded it right after you wrote about it, but never got around to reading the thing. But last week, I managed to get it on my phone.(Don't as how...) It was terrific, I lost a couple nights of sleep, but it was worth it.

    Thanks for the great articles, yours is one of the few blogs I follow consistently, and I would hate it if you took another hiatus.

    Feel Better!

  6. Hi Bing, thanks so much for commenting! I'm really glad you liked it; I read it on my phone too (it's available on the website in every format imaginable), and yes, the time came right out of my sleeping hours!

    <3 x

  7. I'll pray for you, if you like.

  8. I don't pray but I do love and I send you mine.

    As one who wants to look through rose-colored glasses but has ended up with cerulean lenses instead, I empathize.


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