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Friday, 29 June 2012


Happy seventh birthday, blog!

If this blog was a child it would be learning to write, and reading more and more complicated books... and costing considerably more money than it is! Pros and cons, you know.

Web hosting isn't terribly expensive, and I'm glad of that. It means I'm not forced to make this blog worth anything, you see. No ads, no regular updates, no pushing and striving to increase my readership, because truthfully - I'm sure you've noticed - it isn't really for anyone but myself.

It won't always be that way. I go through phases, and I'd like to make this place a little bit tidier, a little more entertaining - I need to give some serious thought to the design and layout and (let's be honest) the quality of the content, but there's no hurry as I see it.

I'm seeing my parents tomorrow. That's going to be good.


  1. Happy birthday Anna's blog!

    It is time for you to introduce the blog to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Sit it down with a hot chocolate, and read it aloud. It's what seven is all about.

  2. It is a remarkable coincidence because when I was 7 people were always sticking words and pictures on me



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