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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Wandering away from the wreckage, whistling


It turns out I have a remarkable talent for saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. It's happened before, sure, but never quite this spectacularly...

One of my housemates (T) has been increasingly difficult to live with lately. Yesterday she stormed in, once again demanded to know "Who's going to do the washing up, then?" (There was hardly anything there, and it had been there a couple of hours at most) and I said "We thought we'd all hold hands and close our eyes and maybe it would do itself." Well. I'm sure you're all thinking the exact same thing I am: "That was very silly, Anna." Yes. Yes it was.

She yelled at me - she yelled at all of us - and I instantly felt guilty. So I went into the kitchen to apologise, but she just wasn't having it. Someone else decided to have a "house discussion" in the hope of airing some of our grudges in a sensible, mature fashion - but T wasn't having that either. Then, the shouting.

I have never heard my housemates so angry, and they're all pretty fiery. Not being great with confrontation, I just sat on the sofa hiding my face and crying while they yelled and stormed and slammed doors and threatened to move out.

Luckily, when everyone had left and I was still shaking and crying on the sofa (what can I say, I'm kind of a wuss), Arthur came in and gave me a hug and talked to me about stuff. That kept me sane. Then, when Ali came downstairs, clearly shocked and upset at what she'd overheard, he did the same for her.

I would have forgiven her, you know. I would. But T has a way of talking herself out of forgiveness. Have you ever heard of a nonpology? In this case, it took the form of "I'm sorry I shouted, I shouldn't have, but you guys REALLY need to start showing more respect and pulling your weight and I won't stand for being treated this way" - with no gap in the interim for me to say a) All is forgiven or b) Kindly attempt cranio-rectal insertion.

I could not be more relieved that I'm going home tomorrow. Sweet, undramatic Isle of Wight - you're always there for me. Happy Christmas, dramahouse.

Today's interesting thing is the BBC interview with Jody McIntyre, the guy I mentioned in this post.


  1. Hah! Oh, Annarr.
    You say the things we'd want to say.

    Uni housemate dramas are so horrible. You know even at the time you're going overboard stressing/arguing about something that's probably pretty mundane/pointless, but it always heads to WWIII in under 60 seconds.

    Being stuck in the middle of it knowing things would be easier IF EVERYONE STOPPED SHOUTING is horrible, though. Sympathy hugs for the win.

    What a class newsclown he is.
    His angle about "rolling towards police officers" is hilarious.
    Anyone else start thinking of the steamroller scene from Austin Powers?
    And insinuating that he was throwing objects? Um... I realise you want to 'treat him equally', Mr Newsman, but realistically... wtf?

    Jody didn't really help himself greatly, but even some of my blinkered anti-protest friends have acknowledged Ben Brown came across as an utter moron. It was clear that he wanted to undermine his position because he had to wear a silly helmet and other meanie students stuck a sticker saying "fuck" on him, but that really was a dumbtastic way to go about it.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy being back in the Isle Of Less Drama.
    It's Christmas in, like, just over a week! When did that happen?

  2. I love you for understanding. <3

    That interview made me so angry, to be honest, although I do think Jody acquitted himself well given it was an extremely hostile interview.

    Is it that soon?! Good grief. Best get on with decking the halls etc then!

  3. I've just set up the tree.
    I don't want to toot my own Christmas horn, but it looks the bomb.
    That bomb being an horribly untidy cluster bomb full of tinsel and more lights than anyone could ever possibly need.


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